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Project Workshop


Welcome to our test laboratory,
collaboration and development projects.

Our commitment to quality and tradition goes far beyond the fmanufacturing of handcrafted fabrics in Mallorca with transparent processes and taking care of our people to preserve the family legacy.

We believe in innovation as a craft engine, knowing that only this way we will project our legacy towards the future.
For this reason, we have turned our old Lloseta workshop into a workshop that will be used for testing and carrying out small collaborative projects that require a great investment in time, know-how and development, but which do not imply a big volume. In this way, we will feed our catalog with new proposals being able at the same time to meet specific requirements of designers and companies that look for a unique development.



Exhibition "Flambules" and Miquel Barceló

Exhibition at the Casal Solleric, organized by the Government of the Balearic Islands and the Enterprise Europe Network, with the collaboration of Casal Solleric and the City Council of Palma. November 2009 - January 2010.

The “Flàmules project”, which was funded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Government of the Balearic Islands, consisted of an exhibition about the history and evolution of the "language fabrics" in Mallorca. The origin and diffusion of this type of ikats is analyzed, especially its development in Mallorca, where they were called "llengües", through an assembly that combines the exhibition of ancient pieces that are still preserved , and the contribution of examples of the local workshops that still manufacture them, including Teixits Riera.

“Miquel Barceló diseña un dibujo para un ikat que se expondrá en el Casal Solleric” (Diario de Mallorca, 13/11/2009)

Diario de Mallorca, 19/11/2009

Diari de Balears, 15/12/2009

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