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Our mission in I+D


We are committed to innovation and development, combining the inherited tradition of manual craftsmanship with new techniques and emerging fibers that are more comfortable and attractive for people and respectful with the environment.

We are committed to creativity and imagination of new designers exploring new ways of growth.

We are especially sensitive to the environment, so we follow respectful practices that minimize our ecological footprint while offering natural fabrics and products that are kinder to people.

Natural fibers

Our fabrics are made from recycled cotton and 100% natural linen. They are comfortable, healthy and respectful of the environment and your skin.

Sustainable materials

Substitution of animal skins with sustainably sourced textile material. For our bags and clutches we have replaced the animal skin that was traditionally used with a fabric made from a natural waste product, created with low water consumption and low production waste, which does not contain harmful chemicals or animal products.


Waste separation for recycling (paper, organic and plastics). During production in the factory, we are especially careful in separating waste for subsequent treatment and recycling in the appropriate plants.

Renewable energies

100% of our factory's electricity consumption comes from renewable energies.


Using dyes that meet the highest industry standards.

Waste treatment

Purification of liquid waste from yarn dyeing.